How much does the marble or granite? 

This article will clarify the differences in price between the various types of marble and granite. 

Many of you wonder why the marble or granite, prized so much they cost. 
In fact the market there 'a bit of confusion. 
Many marbles cost very little, even less of a good ceramic. 
In general, marbles and granites, which are cheap come from areas where production and 'very high, and because there is' a strong demand for material. 
Some kinds of marble such as Botticino, or Carrara for example, have highly variable costs from a few tens of euros per m2 up to a few hundred euros m2. 
The reason that some types of Carrara or botticino costing little is given by the fact that for certain qualities if it produces very high quality and fair, good for the mass market. 
This happens because the quarries produce very discreet and very little material selected material. 
It 'clear that the artifacts are executed using the discrete material, which also corresponds to a 80-85% of the production, cost much less than those performed with the selected material. 
So if you want to have a floor or a unique product, made with selected material, you have no other option for your wallet. 
The blocks of marble or granite selected cost much, much more than the material selected. 
The advice I can give is to not only looking to buy the product price of marble, but also evaluating the quality that is offered with the product. 
I usually assimilate the purchase of a good marble or granite, the purchase of a precious stone, if it costs too little to say that is not 'fine. 
No trader sell out both gemstone onerosamente and with difficulty procured, ..... if the customer wants to spend less, the dealer will offer a less valuable stone, all ... 
The cost of the marble follows the logic of the market comparable to the sale of precious stones, not an industrial product. 
This rule of thumb is less for the materials of which a large production. 
In this case you can also make good purchases by spending relatively little, but here also advise you not just buy the cheapest, because you have a good chance to buy the least beautiful, and not selected. 
If for example you want to buy a yellow material, you can spend a lot buying a yellow Siena, of which there is little production .... or it may choose, spending much less, for a yellow Egyptian Atlantis which a large production and low purchase prices. 
If the price is not 'a problem you may consider using materials such as onyx, which have rather high costs, because of high costs of purchasing and processing, and waste. 
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