Doubt - It 's preferable Marble or Granite?

This article will put an end to your doubts; - Purchase a floor of marble or granite?.

Many in the process of deciding on the floor to be installed in homes are asking a question - I put marble or granite?
In fact if you look at the wear resistance of the material is pure natural lay the granite because of its nature and 'much harder than marble.
But then on closer inspection you notice that the granite, and 'is harder than marble, but not easy to create boards of different colors or different designs.
The granite does not lend itself to be antique, tumbled, brushed.
Furthermore, although the granite and 'a Little harder than marble, the marble will last at least 2 or 3 lives before being rebuilt or re-polished.
The granite is not afraid of acidic substances like lemon, coca cola, the Viakal etc., but very afraid oils or grease stains wet.
This is because in a crystal and granite, among 'others, there are gaps that allow the absorption Anointed.
The general rule to keep clean a granite table, is to keep it clean from greasy, so if you have to clean once dirty.
A glass sat for many hours, leaving traces in the underlying base fluid, grease stain on your granite table with a nice circle bike nice to see.
To clean the bead of grease, I refer you to the page dedicated to the cleanliness of the marble that is on this site.
It must be said that there are products on the market that can provide stone mason, which create a waterproof coating that protects your granite table from stains.
This product should be applied every six months.
The marble unlike granite, oils and very little fear acidic substances that can opacizzarlo even irreversibly, so avoid using the Viakal, limestone and various liquids, acids floodgates sinks, like the plague!
With marble you can apply the same water-repellent products that are used in granite in order to protect it from acidic substances.
Even here, apply product every 6 months.
With the marble can be performed brushing, antiquing different, burattature and the beautiful arena that are not marked with the granites.
Therefore, with granite floors you can get some beautiful modern, and beautiful marble floors of both modern and antique or aged appearance.
The choice whether to use granite or marble in your floor and dictated only by a matter of personal taste, they are both products of the valid
to use; Perhaps the marble has some more card to play because of the flexibility that characterizes it, there are many types of work with which we can customize, and an infinite variety of colors to use.

The marble can be worked in many ways, by flaming, the bush-hammering, while the granite to the maximum can be flamed or flame-brushed.


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