Surface treatment of marble for interior and exterior.

In marble for interior and exterior are used usually some types of machining of the surface of the same.

The First: The marble polish.
Such processing with the use of automatic machines, provides for the polishing of the floor, from abrasive grains of very large up to a finer grit.
This processing and 'very suitable for indoor, outdoor as the polish over the years tends to go away from the marble as a result of acid rain that mark our time.

The Second: The polishing of the marble.
The polishing of the marble is very suitable for outdoor and indoor.
Gives the marble a very satin in which there is reflected glare and not seen.
In external and 'a machining very durable, as the acid rain not affect significantly.

The Third: The brushing of the marble.
The brushing of the marble consists of a run with aging of the grinding wheels made of plastic-abrasive.
This marble generates a surface called orange peel, which gives the piece of marble look I might almost say the Old and the time worked.
And 'work is very suitable as indoor or outdoor.
The polished marble outdoor goes very well with other outdoor work, "The Bush-hammering"
This process can be performed with both machines at our factory or on site at the building under construction by expert polishers who can do the job immediately after the laying of the marble.

The Fourth: The Bush-hammering.
Bush-hammering of the marble is performed at our factory with the particular machines of the dishes that through turning on themselves on the surface of the marble slab, beat with the surface of the tips of marble
generating of small recesses and a hammered surface.
This process can be run only on certain types of marble, as not all the marbles bear the impact of this work.
It 'a process suitable for external and internal wall somewhere a bit' special.
Gives the marble or granite, when used in an external anti-slip.

Fifth: The Flaming.
The flame of the marble is performed with the Canelli torches at very high temperature.
It can be run on certain types of marble and granite on virtually all.
Treaty gives the piece of marble look natural split that can be brushed in turn, generating a surface-Blaze brushed very nice to see.
The flame of marble or granite, and 'is very suitable for coating facades of buildings, outdoor walkways because that is inherently non-slip.
It 'a beautiful marble effect of a manufacturer should consider to beautify their homes.

The Sixth: The rolling.
The Rolling of the marble takes place in the factory via a machine which is composed of a toothed roller which rotates at high speed on the surface of the marble.
This machinery imprints on the marble of the lines that can be more or less marked and more or less deep depending on the roll used to perform the processing.
It 'a process is suitable both for indoor and outdoor floors walls as slip.

Seventh: The etching of marble.
This is done in marble processing factory of marble by immersion in tanks containing acid.
The marble first dell'acidatura can be hammered or sand-blasted in order to increase the effect of wear through etching.
The effect you get and 'very similar to the brushing, but gives a marble compared to much older.
It 'a process that can not be executed at the site, but you can only run at the factory.

The Eighth: The blasting.
The blasting is done in marble factory and leads to a very marked polishing of marble.
In addition to this process marble can be etched or coated after fabrication.
The nature of work, the marble gives a characteristic slip ideal for outdoor use.
Not all the marbles can be sanded, are generally excluded the marbles too soft or that have excessive holes.

The Ninth: The tumbling.
The tumbling of the marble factory is run by big barrels which give the marble a very "worn".
The sizes of the tiles of marble burattate rarely exceed the size of 30 x 30 x 2.
Occasionally it can perform larger sizes but the production costs are high.
The tumbled that goes for the greater is the 10 x 10 x 1, or the so-called Palladian.
If you want after tumbling marble can be treated with special coatings that give the marble treated like a more polished.

The Tenth: The Marble Checked.
The marble can be checked performed either by hand or machine.
Typically today resort to using machines which give the marble so treated a very rustic appearance.
It is used in very external and for the execution of window sills.
The robots can also give through the trimming of the beautiful designs of marble slab, very characteristic.
The cost of this work is not just economic, but is very effective.


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